Production Capacity

CHANGZHOU CHUNIL CORP. was established in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China in 2004. It was invested by Munil Chun who has over 30 years speaker engineering experience in Korea. The head office CHUNIL CORP. is the first company in Korea to produce speaker targeted specifically for the musical instruments.
CHUNIL is famous in sound industry for its highly credible quality and a most reasonable price. It aims at “better quality, lower price” ideology to provide the most famous companies, such as Marshall, Line6, Vox, Youngchang, Samick, etc.
Its products are sold well in many countries throughout USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Turkey. The export volume increases with years, output and sales volume is outstanding in this industry. With integrated strength, the company is acknowledged pace setter of the industry.
By more than 40 years of deliberate arrangement, Chunil has set up a complete national and international sales network with the unique marketing ideology. Professional salesmen have reinforced mutual communications with customers and have gained their understanding. It has formed a positive and upward economic cycling mode. Once a customer becomes the customer of Chunil products, no matter what the size of the company, it will enjoy the first-class service with excellent quality and high efficiency.
CHUNIL will continue to improve itself and climb the new peak of science and technology.

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